Water-repellent food grease

for food, pharmaceuticals, suitable for faucets, underwater dispensers.

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Optileb™ GR UF Range Fats for Food Use

Description Castrol Optileb™ GR UF Range (formerly called Obeen™ UF ) is a range of white translucent greases. These fats are physiologically safe and are formulated only with substances listed in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 21, Section 178.3570. The Optileb™ GR UF Range of products is particularly suitable for use in the food and beverage industry as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. Optileb™ GR UF Range greases are accepted in the USDA as lubricants that can be used where there may be contact between the lubricant and the edible product or its packaging; they are NSF H1 approved. Greases in the Castrol Optileb™ GR UF range are approved for Kosher and Halal foods.


Castrol Optileb™ GR greases are suitable for use in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries where there is a danger of direct contact between lubricant and edible product or its packaging. Optileb™ GR UF 00 and 0 can be used on fluid grease lubricated gearboxes, centralized lubrication systems of bottling machines, packing stations and automatic machines. optileb™ GR UF 1 find application for the lubrication of beer tap tappers and long-term lubrication of machinery in the beverage industry such as bottling machines, bottle washing machines, labeling machines, capping machines, etc.

Typical Characteristics Test Method Unit GR UF 00 GR UF 1

Color Visual Transparent Amber Transparent Grade NLGI DIN 51818 – 00 1 Base – – – Synthetic oil Synthetic oil Thickener – – Complex aluminum Machined penetration ASTM D 217 / ISO 2137 0.1 mm 420 320 Drop point ASTM D566 / ISO 2176 °C 195 >230 Water resistance at 90°C/194°F DIN 51807-1 – 0 0 Corrosion protection, (SKF Emcor) ASTM D6138 / ISO 11007 – 0/1 0/1 Copper corrosion @ 100ºC ASTM D130 / ISO 2160 – 1b 1b These technical data are the average resulting from laboratory tests. Slight deviation from the above values may be possible between different production batches.

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