Technical gas compressors for industry

The technical gas compressor Mod. 12/18, is distinguished by different soundproofing. The compressor is designed for use with technical gases such as argon, nitrogen, helium or dried air in high (HP) and low (LP) pressure.

All the machines are already set up the operator therefore only has to connect the power supply and start the compression and storage process. The machine can be fed with low pressure from 2 bar to 3.5 bar defined LP.
The compressor is arranged with a stand-alone STOP&GO system to work with a nitrogen producer having the lower flow rate than the compressor.

– The compressor has a filter system for each gas that allows high final quality of the compressed gas;

– A specific filter for aerosol oil vapors with a residual separation degree of 0.001 mg/m3 residual oil aerosol content according to ISO 8573-2;

– The 12/18 EVO compressor has a forced lubrication system for 3rd stage lubrication and oil recirculation with a 3-liter reservoir in addition to the oil in the pumping unit.

– With these two features (filter system and forced lubrication) the 1st routine maintenance is carried out at 2,000 hours;

– The compressor can be combined with a nitrogen producer, a dryer with dew point -60°C, a low-pressure tank for filling 2/3 Lt. 50 cylinders with variable maximum storage pressures 200/300 bar;

– The compressor can also be operated with an on-board storage with no. 2/3 high-pressure cylinders;

– One system controls all functions, of ‘injections, oil pressure, temperatures, intermediate stages pressure, HP/LP inlet pressure, STOP&GO;

– This function provides the Skid for assembling the system with 3 cylinders: 2 cylinders at 200 bar 1 cylinder 300 bar;

– Together with the compressor, we can provide turnkey PED SWITCH 200/300 bar certified high pressure systems;

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