Applications for Industry

BTA Tecnologie assembles different types of systems with characteristics and specifications tailored to specific needs for:

  • Nitrogen
  • Argon
  • Helium
  • Dried air

Units composed of:

  • Nitrogen-producing compressor
  • Storage cylinders for accumulation with pressures from 200 to 330 bar. See diagram no. 1 with two cylinders and diagram no. 2 with three cylinders;
  • The whole system can be assembled on a SKID consisting of: a compressor with an LP nitrogen tank, the LP air tank produces nitrogen, and storage cylinders of either 200 bar or 330 bar.

Our compression systems can be used for:

  • Topping up cylinder packs after a number of withdrawals by drop
  • Recovering gas after testing, particularly for use with helium

The flow rates of our compressors range from 200 liters per minute to 500 liters per minute with a maximum final pressure of 330 bar.

For large volume pumping units, we have developed an energy saving system based on the principle of producing only when the precise volume of gas is required. The system adjusts to any minor or major variation in gas demand.

This energy saving mode allows for scheduling savings on maintenance and consequently less stress on the pumping system.

A controlled function of the pumping system has a significant impact on oil vapor emissions, ensuring pollution-free compressed gas.

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